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                         We Need $2,500

                To Match A Dog To A Deserving                                  Veteran at no cost to the Veteran

                              Fee Includes:

   Training for 1 TADSAW SERVICE DOG TEAM Includes Training, tools and equipment, such as service dog jacket, patches, kennel, grooming veterinary medical care and more, necessary

to become a certified Service Dog Team.

Train A Dog Save A Warrior

The program lasts from 15-20 weeks

to train the warrior and dog team. 

The first phase is focused on the skills needed to pass the AKC Canine Good Citizenship course, which is the benchmark standard in obedience for therapy dog work.  


During the second phase, time is spent socializing the team in dog friendly public places.  When the trainer is confident the team is progressing sufficiently with the in-training Public Access work, in areas where only Service Dogs are allowed, begins.

The team will graduate and become accredited by TADSAW when the Public Access Temmperament Test is given and the team passes.

                        Every single day, 22 veterans take their

               own lives. That’s 22 suicides a day, a suicide every

          65 minutes. As shocking as that number is, the real

                         number may actually be higher.

  Once trained, these TADSAW SERVICE DOGS have the ability to    

   decrease isolation of the veteran, decrease the needs for many    

     medications, decrease anxiety and panic attacks when in

       crowded public places, awaken them from nightmares and        

               flashbacks, ‘have their backs’ when necessary, to

                                        name but a few.

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